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Fuu reference sheet by mizuchii Fuu reference sheet by mizuchii
(to be scrapped later)
This is a small reference sheet for my character Fuu from Something to Live for, which I'll be updating when the time comes, adding info and maybe some-head shots and close-ups.

Name: Fuu
Age: appears around 14
Gender: Female
Height: 1,46 m
Race: Spirit (that’s what she calls herself. She, in fact, doesn’t really know)
Personality: Kind-hearted and sweet, rather naïve and gullible. She is very loud and childish and gets offended as easily as she forgives. She also has a big mouth – and although she is not very fast, she’s usually the first to have hidden when any danger approaches. Nevertheless she is loyal to those she considers her friends (most of all, Ginko) and worries a lot about them.
Relation with other characters: She gets to know Ginko and Souken by coincidence and after admitting she has no place to go to nor anybody close, Ginko invites her to tag along. Since then, she admires Ginko a lot and gets mad about the silver-haired being reckless about her health and body.
With Souken, they constantly pick on each other, Fuu being the one to loose, mostly, what makes her rage. Nevertheless, she subconsciously relies a lot on him by now.
Finally, her relation with Koemi is rather distant, as she is a little scared of her.
Abilities: She neither has powers nor skills to fight per se, plus, she usually runs away from any sort of trouble (you could say she has a sixth sense when it comes to detect danger). But truth is, she is ridiculously powerful – even if she isn’t really aware of it herself. One, she can heal most physical injuries by only touching them (that’s the reason why her sleeves are so long – to avoid contact). Well, heal is not the right word. She herself calls it absorbing others pain and accelerating the healing process. The pain does not vanish, but is stored inside her own body. That’s the reason she has to get rid of it from time to time in order to keep healing people. Getting rid, in this case, connects to her second power. Whoever looks into her eyes, experiences indescribable pain, so intense, it leaves you cramping and gasping on the floor. She despises that ability of hers, though, and is afraid of it, which is also why she always covers her face in bandages.
Regarding her eyes: She has no eyes, just empty sockets from which something like a dark aura emanates (when the bandages are removed). In contrary to most people’s belief she in fact is able to see, although her vision of her surroundings would be quite different from normal people.
Extra: She doesn’t eat, drink or sleep at all, plus she has a tremendous fear of water.

Something to Live for © :iconshinjuuki::iconmizuchii:
bellschan Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Student Artist
Nice Character ! is cool and good looking ! I like it ;33
mizuchii Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
Thank you very much:rose:
bellschan Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Student Artist
you're welcome :3
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